My Teaching

My acting training at the Webber Doulgas Academy of Dramatic Art in London was a mixture of British technique and Stanislavski without the ‘method’ stigma of American training.

In LA, I studied with Larisa Eryomina from the Moscow Art Theatre for 3 years. More pure Stanislavski.

Also, I’ve worked extensively with Deborah Sussel from ACT in San Francisco working on IPA, scansion and digging deeper into personal connection with the text.

In New York I studied more Shakespeare and text work with Joel Friedman and currently coach with Jacqueline Knapp, one of the heads of Actor’s Studio.

As a pianist, I played for Sarah Lazarus’ private classes where I observed the David Craig audition technique. This knowledge combined with my acting training and accompanying classes for major casting directors (mostly through the Musical Theatre Forum) has led to the creation of my own personal take on song interpretation, most specifically for auditioning but I find the principals can influence one’s overall acting technique.

My fees for coaching are $60 an hour. I have a large library of music and I’m more than happy to recommend songs.

I have studied voice for over 30 years and I’m currently studying with Aaron Hagan. Past teachers include: Phil Hall, Nolan Van Way, H. James Schlader and Eddie Sayegh.

While I do call myself a vocal coach (as opposed to voice teacher), I can help offer a considerable amount of vocal help to singers. I enjoy taking on performers from other disciplines like acting or dancing and I’m happy to recommend voice teachers when a students vocal needs are beyond the scope of my work.

In 2018, in a desire to provide my students with an environment where they can practice their skills in front of others and expand performance options for the larger theatrical community, I founded CREA: collaborating to re-image and evolve the arts. It is FREE SPACE and after the pandemic restrictions are lifted, we will resume meeting once a week, hopefully at the NYC Vegan Food Court (our deal with them is that you purchase one item: their $6 avocado lentil soup is delicious, but they have lots of other tasty food and drink options). For more info follow us on instagram at: (we’ll get the link here here soon)

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