After studying acting at the University of California, Berkeley with Bill Oliver, I graduated with honors from the two year professional diploma program at the Webber Doulgas Academy of Dramatic Art in London, 1986. The training was a mixture of British classical technique and Stanislavski, as distinct from United States’ interpretation of ‘method’.

In Los Angeles, I studied with Larisa Eryomina from the Moscow Art Theatre for 3 years, more pure Stanislavski.

I coached extensively with Deborah Sussel from ACT in San Francisco working on IPA, scansion as well as acting technique.

In New York, Shakespeare and text studies with Joel Friedman (the Public Theatre and Temple University) and private acting coaching with Jacqueline Knapp (Actor’s Studio).

Faculty adjunct in NYU musical theatre program under Greg Ganakas in late 90s, playing for and coaching musical theatre improv. Shakespeare and musical theatre scene study teacher at Professional Conservatory of Musical Theatre (New York Film Academy, New York campus) 2013-2023. Acting teacher for Steps Conservatory starting 2020; intro to acting workshops starting 2022.


I have 40 years of vocal study, most recently with Aaron Hagan. Past teachers include Phil Hall, Nolan Van Way and James Schlader.

As a pianist, I played for Sarah Lazarus’ private classes where I observed the David Craig audition technique. For many years I was an accompanist for Broadway and regional theatre auditions as well as accompanying classes for major casting directors (mostly through the Musical Theatre Forum).

My fees for coaching are $60 an hour. I have a large library of music as well as monologues and plays.

While I do call myself a vocal coach (as opposed to voice teacher) I can offer a considerable amount of technical vocal help to singers. I enjoy working with performers from other disciplines (acting, dancing) and I’m happy to recommend voice teachers when a student’s vocal needs are beyond the scope of my work.

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