Amemos, a Portuguese poem by Alvarez de Azevedo (trans. Carl Danielsen) sung by Stephanie Sequeira and Carl Danielsen. Dancers Joey Lucherini and Luis Carlos Villar. Dan Weiner recorded the music at his studio and played cajon. Jenn Rose directed and choreographed.

Songs with lyrics by Selda Sahin.

A Thousand Miles, Morgan Karr – Vocal, Carl Danielsen – Piano

 Just Start, Travis Seetoo – Vocal and Guitar

And here's Tahirih Vejdani and Matt Armet singing 'Let Myself Fall' for Late Nate at Lucy's, part of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Canada.
You Came Over at 4 am performed by KEELY HUTTON!!!
Here's Todo Lo Llenas, performed by Paris Martín, lyrics by Pablo Neruda!!!
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