Pride and Sensibility is a mashup of two Jane Austen novels: Mansfield Park and Persuasion. 3 actors (1 woman and 2 men) 2 sets. Synopsis:

Rich gets a prestigious touring job as a singer while still in university and he wants his new crush, Jane (a budding songwriter) to tour with him. Rich’s foster brother, Art, talks her out of it.

7 years later the 3 find themselves together in loft in New York City and it looks like Art, now a successful attorney, kept his best friend from a job and a romance with his foster brother because…he was in love with him himself. Rich never saw the romance that was waiting for him with his almost relative, but he also has feelings for Jane.

Though the ending is not clear for either possible romance, Jane, the quintessential Jane Austen protagonist, takes a different journey and learns a contrasting lesson than her 19th century counterparts: a new definition of a successful romance.

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